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    The Social Media Companion to The Oxford Companion of Beer

    According to its publisher, The Oxford Companion to Beer is the first major reference work to investigate the history and vast scope of beer. The 960 page book features more than 1,100 entries written by 166 of the world’s most prominent beer experts. As you can imagine, writing such an all-encompassing, comprehensive piece of work [...]

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    That Which We Call A Rose: The Black IPA Name Debate

    What’s in a name? Apparently a lot, as evidenced by the seemingly endless debate over the name of one of the newest style categories of beer. Black India Pale Ale India Black Ale American-style India Black Ale American-style Black Ale Cascadian Dark Ale All names for what is, at its most basic, a really hoppy [...]

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    The History Of Oktoberfest

    Boasting an attendance of more than six million people every year, Munich’s Oktoberfest is officially the world’s biggest party. While several other cities across the world also hold Oktoberfest celebrations, modeled after the Munich event and held on similar dates, none rival the authenticity and grand scale of the original. Unfortunately, the closest I have [...]

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    The Alcohol Conundrum: Would You Drink Beer Without It?

    In the midst of throwing back some high gravity beers, poolside under the beautiful star-studded Napa sky, my one friend stumped me with the question, “Would you still drink beer if there was no alcohol in it?” I knew that the question was designed to make me question my alcohol consumption, rather than my dedication [...]

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    Craft Beer & The Restaurant Hypocrisy: An Airing of Grievances

    Judging by the title of this blog post, one can correctly assume that The Wench is about to start a, somewhat alcohol induced, rant of the, always expected, very bitchy nature. A few people in my close personal circle have heard my incessant complaints about this subject for years, but I have held my tongue [...]

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    The Napa Homebrew Project: Brewday #1 Recap

    It is about freaking time, eh? For over a year now, I have been guest brewing at various breweries around the country. I have helped collaborate on two different recipes and brewed beer commercially for events — but oddly enough, I’ve never actually homebrewed. What can I say? I’m an overachiever. People have always questioned [...]

  • Tools For Proper Beer Analyzation

    Tools For Proper Beer Analyzation

    Despite what many people may think, there is an actual science to the proper tasting and analyzation of beers. Now yes, I understand that experiences with and  individual perceptions of beer does vary from person to person. Some people prefer to have an emotional connection with beer. They tend to review beer using expressive and [...]

  • The Wench’s Library

    The Wench’s Library

    My friend Josh Christie and his blog “Brews and Books” has inspired me to write a post about my personal “library.” Growing up, I was definitely a book geek. On my 10th birthday, my parents gave me 50 books. I woke up to a trail of books from my bedroom door, down the stairs … and [...]

  • The MYTH: Beer Calories

    The MYTH: Beer Calories

    This post is dedicated to my Ma, for reasons you shall discover later on… I am sick and tired of hearing people bitch and complain about calories, carbs and fat. Okay, I understand that these things exist. However, there are more important things in life to obsess over … When it comes to health, beer [...]

  • The 45 Million Year Old Beer

    The 45 Million Year Old Beer

    In the very near future, Fossil Fuels Brewing Company will be releasing the world’s oldest beer -EVER. Fossil Fuels™ Wheat Beer is being marketed as “The 45 Million Year Old Beer.” Obviously, man has not been on the earth for 45 millions years. And beer is man-made. So this raises the question: How the heck [...]