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    Bison Brewing Presents: PDX Beer Week Organic Beer + Bacon Pairing

    When asked to put together an event for PDX Beer Week, local beer writer and organic beer proponent Abram Goldman-Armstrong didn’t want to do a standard beer event. “Portland beer sage Fred Eckhardt once conducted an “organic beer and junkfood pairing,” says Goldman-Armstrong. “With that inspiration, I decided to pair organic beer and bacon. All [...]

  • Dinner Table 8

    Event Recap: Beer Dinner at Black Star Brewery

    This past weekend, Black Star Beer played gracious host to its staff, partners (graphic designers, clients, distributors etc.) and myself. Upon arriving on Friday night, Black Star beer surprised all of us with a beer dinner. I have attended and even hosted several beer dinners and beer pairings events, with each and every one being [...]

  • First Twitter Beer vs Wine Event RESULTS

    First Twitter Beer vs Wine Event RESULTS

    Question: What happens when you get a phenomenal chef, a wine geek and a beer wench in the same house? Answer:An endless waterfall of yummy booze and ridiculously delicious food. Question: What happens when the aforementioned trio are as equally obsessed with Social Media and Twitter as they are food, wine and beer? Answer:A crazy virtual beer vs. [...]

  • The First TWITTER Beer vs. Wine Dinner

    The First TWITTER Beer vs. Wine Dinner

    Tonight I will be co-hosting my very first beer dinner. Now I’ve hosted tastings, pairings & beer parties. I’ve also ran beer tastings at bars and restaurants. I’ve also done staff training (for both beer & wine). But this event is completely different. Two of my other “Twitter” buds and I are tri-hosting a beer [...]

  • DFH Twitter Taste Live RECAP

    DFH Twitter Taste Live RECAP

    In this post I am going to attempt to recap the Dogfish Head Twitter Taste Live event from Saturday March 7th 2009. Now mind you, I did use the word attempt. Yesterday I made a last minute decision to purchase a webcam and setup a live ustream feed for the event. Having neither used ustream [...]

  • Bristol Tasting Pictures

    Bristol Tasting Pictures

    This was a great event! Good beer, good food and good fun!!! Thanks to everyone who came out!

  • Belgian Beer Bonanza

    Belgian Beer Bonanza

    THE BEER WENCH AND BRISTOL BAR BRING YOU A BELGIAN BEER BONANZA COLUMBUS, OH June 9, 2008 – Bristol Bar has joined forces with local beer blogger, The Columbus Beer Wench, for an evening of Belgian beers and local pizza. Since February 2008, The Beer Wench has been hosting informal and formal beer tastings all [...]



    A enormous THANK YOU goes out to everyone involved in the Surly Girl Beer Tasting With The Wench this past Sunday June 8th. The event had a surprisingly huge turnout and I was able to meet a lot of new beer lovers, beer geeks and hopheads. I was EXTREMELY impressed by Surly Girl Saloon‘s hospitality [...]

  • Wench & Surly Girl Beer Tasting

    Wench & Surly Girl Beer Tasting

    SURLY GIRL SALOON TEAMS UP WITH THE BEER WENCH FOR AN ATYPICAL BEER TASTING COLUMBUS, Ohio – COLUMBUS, OH May 28, 2008 – Surly Girl Saloon has joined forces with local beer blogger, The Columbus Beer Wench, to create a completely unique beer tasting experience. Known for consistently listening and responding to the wants and [...]

  • Cookout With The Wench

    Cookout With The Wench

    You are all invited to a Backyard BBQ themed “Drink With The Wench”!!! (There will be an official “fancy” craft beer tasting during the earlier portion of the evening.) WHAT: Beer, Burgers, Brats & BBQ With The Wench WHO: The Wench & EVERYONE who A. loves beer B. likes beer C. hates beer but wants [...]