Dogfish Head Presents: A Hop Eclipse

Known for brewing wacky beers with exotic ingredients, Dogfish Head rarely makes a beer that falls within the official style guidelines. But, that is precisely why we love them so much (who needs style guidelines, anyways!) Quirky, creative and always exciting, Dogfish Head creates beers that stimulate the senses and challenge everything we think we know about beer and brewing. Beer brewed with grapes? Yeah, they did that, twice. Dogfish Head was one of the first breweries to push the barrier on alcohol strength, brewing beers at 18% and 20% in the late 90’s. Replicas of ancient beer recipes? Collaborations with musicians? Done and done.

Normal beers aren’t really Dogfish Head’s thing — but, if there is one old-world style Dogfish Head has embraced, tweaked and reinvented, it is the India Pale Ale. After watching a TV chef pepper a soup in continuous intervals, Sam Calagione, Dogfish Head’s founding brewmaster, developed his innovative continual-hopping method. Instead of employing the typical 3 stage (flavoring, bittering and aroma) hop addition process that most brewers use, Sam decided to hop his IPAs by the minute. Every minute for a total of 60, 75, 90 and 120 minutes — Dogfish Head continuously adds its hops to the boiling wort. The result? More hop isomerization takes place, which imparts more bitterness to the beer.

This February and March, Dogfish Head invites its friends and fans to celebrate its iconic line of India Pale Ales. They will be hosting dozens of hopalicious beer dinners across the country (but not in Norcal - grrr!). Dogfish heads will also be unveiling two brand-new IPAs (and they better be available near me - ahem) as well as a redesigned Randall the Enamel Animal and a special new glass.

A hop eclipse when? A Hop Eclipse Now!

Dinners and Promotions

  • Feb. 7: American Sardine Bar, Philadelphia, Pa.
  • Feb. 8: Dogfish Head Brewings & Eats, Rehoboth Beach, Del.
  • Feb. 12: Two Stones Pub, both Newark and Wilmington, Del.
  • Feb. 18: Restaurant 55, Dover, Del.
  • Feb. 18: Boulders on Broadway, Tempe, Ariz.
  • Feb. 24: Coopers Craft Kitchen, Manhattan, N.Y.
  • Feb. 25: Alewife, Queens, N.Y.
  • Feb. 26: Driftwood Publick House, Plymouth, Mass.
  • Feb. 27: The Pickled Pig Pub, Rehoboth Beach, Del.
  • Feb. 28: Bigelow Grille, Pittsburgh, Pa.
  • Feb. 28: Morris Tap & Grill, Randolph, N.J.
  • March 2: The Draft House, Orange City, Fla.
  • March 5: Datz, Tampa, Fla.
  • March 6: Memphis Taproom, Philadelphia
  • March 6: The Pub, Tampa, Fla.
  • March 7: Tap 42, Fort Lauderdale, Fla.
  • March 11: Birch & Barley, Washington, DC
  • March 11: McK’s, Daytona Beach, Fla.
  • March 12: Franklin & Co., Los Angeles, Calif.
  • March 12: The Big Mansion, Melbourne, Fla.
  • March 13: HopJacks, Pensacola, Fla.
  • March 13: Harrys Savoy, Wilmington, Del.
  • March 14: Fish Ale, Panama City, Fla.
  • March 14: Bistro on Bridge, Phoenixville, Pa.
  • March 14: Mt. Washington Tavern, Baltimore, Md.
  • March 19: Cypress Street Pine & Plate, Atlanta, Ga.
  • March 20: Trappeze Pub, Athens, Ga.
  • March 21: The Porter, Atlanta, Ga.
  • March 21: The Pour House, Westmont, N.J.
  • March 21: Cibo, Pittsburgh, Pa.
  • March 24: Oblivion, Orlando, Fla.
  • March 25: Barleys, Greenville, S.C.
  • March 25: The Ginger Man, Norwalk, Conn.
  • March 26: Alla Spinna, Philadelphia, Pa.
  • March 27: High Spot, Cambridge, Md.

Stay tuned for more information and innovation from Dogfish Head!

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