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Everyone keeps asking me if there is a list of attendees for the Inaugural Beer Bloggers Conference. The event organizers have given me the go-ahead to post the list of current registries. Note: this list is continuously updating. For ease of use, the updated bloggers will be highlighted in RED!

Allan Wright - Zephyr Adventures www.ZephyrAdventures.com
Reno Walsh — Zephyr Adventures    www.ZephyrAdventures.com
Ashley Routson — Drink With the Wench    www.drinkwiththewench.com
Gerard Walen — Road Trips for Beer    www.roadtripsforbeer.com
E.T. Crowe — Wolverine State Brewing Co.    www.wolverinebeer.com
Ryan Conklin — Denver Bartender Examiner    www.examiner.com/x-28228-Denver-Bartender-Examiner
Lucy Saunders — Best of American Beer and Food    www.bestofamericanbeerandfood.com
Peter Kennedy — Simply Beer    www.simplybeer.com
John Holl — The Beer Briefing    www.beernexus.com
Tamre Mullins — Girls’ Pint Out    www.girlspintout.com
Jennifer Litz — Girls’ Pint Out    www.girlspintout.com
Kerry Finsand — Taplister    www.taplister.com
Bob Mack — World Class Beverages    http://worldclassbeverages.wordpress.com/
Anne Fitten Glenn — Brewgasm    www.brewgasm.com
Angelo de Ieso - Brewpublic    www.brewpublic.com
Margaret Lut — Brewpublic    www.brewpublic.com
Sean Inman — Beer Search Party    www.beersearchparty.com
Sanjiv Gajiwala — Blue Ribbon Blog    www.blog.pabstblueribbon.com
Dan Fisher (Dan on Tap) — Life on Tap    www.lifeontap.net
Dale Miskimins — sodakbeer    http://sodakbeer.com
Billy Broas — BillyBrew    http://billybrew.com
PJ Hoberman — Starting a Brewery    www.startingabrewery.wordpress.com
James Marks — Columbus Beer Guys    http://columbusbeerguys.wordpress.com/
Ronnie Crocker — Beer, TX    http://blogs.chron.com/beertx
Carla Gesell-Streeter — Hoperatives    www.hoperatives.com
Tom Streeter — Hoperatives    www.hoperatives.com
Alexis Fritzsche - Ale Babe    www.alebabe.com
Rick Hagerbaumer — Big Foamy Head    www.bigfoamyhead.com
Carlos Swinney — Mendocino Brewing Co.    www.mendobrew.com
Jason Fellon — Beer Cruiser    www.beercruiser.net
Sara Wade - Monarch Beverage    www.monarch-beverage.com
Julia Herz — Craft Beer Muses    www.craftbeer.com
Alison McGee —  From This Pint On    www.fromthispinton.com
Andy Dunfee - Hippo Lane    www.hippolane.org
David Jensen — Beer 47    www.beer47.com
Jennie Chen — MisoHungry    http://misohungrynow.blogspot.com
John Knox — MisoHungry    http://misohungrynow.blogspot.com
J.R. Woolsey — Consultant
Mark Jackson - Simply Beer    www.simplybeer.com
Zach Rosen — Santa Barbara Craft Beer    http://www.examiner.com/x-32901-Santa-Barbara-Craft-Beer-Examiner
Dustin & Libby — Beer 2 Buds http://www.beer2buds.com
Jenn Prosser  - Jenn and Beer    www.jennandbeer.com @jennandbeer
Jonathan Shikes —  Beer Man at Westword Mag    http://blogs.westword.com/cafesociety/beer_man/
Greg Koch  - Stone Brewing    www.stonebrewing.com
Jacob McKean - Stone Brewing    www.stonebrewing.com
Lauren Polinsky  - Durham Craft Beer Examiner    http://www.examiner.com/x-53634-Durham-Craft-Beer-Examiner
Cathy Clark —  Brewtiful www.brewtiful.com
Jim Pavlik —  Central State Asylum www.csasylum.wordpress.com
Jessica Daynor —   Draft Magazine www.draftmag.com
Ryan Ross —   Karl Strauss Brewing Company www.karlstrauss.com
Jay Brooks — Brookston Beer Bulletin www.brookstonbeerbulletin.com
Ian Cowpar — 2 Beer Guys http://www.2beerguys.com
Sean Jansen - 2 Beer Guys http://www.2beerguys.com
Ryan Jansen - Beer Guys http://www.2beerguys.com

Chuck Noll — World Class Beverages Arizona http://az.worldclassbeverages.com/
Jennifer Morrison -  Ales for All http://alesforall.blogspot.com
Willis F Jackson III - Mashtun Technologies www.mashtunbeer.com
Mike Besser — BrewDad www.brewdad.com
Steven Ward — Nova Beer Fly http://novabeerfly.wordpress.com
Doug Brumley — Fledgling Brewer http://www.fledglingbrewer.com/
Tiffany Adamowski - 99 bottles http://www.99bottles.net/blog
Jay Rascoe — Guns and Tacos www.gunsandtacos.com
Kami Marquardt — Great Lakes Brewing www.greatlakesbrewing.com
Lauren Boveington — Great Lakes Brewing www.greatlakesbrewing.com
Dionne Cocktail Diva
Mariah Calagione
— Dogfish Head Craft Brewery www.dogfish.com
Sebbie Buhler — Rogue Ales www.rogue.com

Kyle Freeman — Jenn and Beer www.jennandbeer.com
Michael Bussmann — New Belgium Brewing www.newbelgium.com
Owen McCuen — Ferment Nation www.fermentnation.com
Greg Krsak — KSW Beer www.kswbeer.com
Ilya Feynberg — Damn That’s Good Beer! www.damnthatsgoodbeer.com
Jay Wilson — Brewvana www.brewvana.wordpress.com
Tom Wilmes — Boulder Daily Camera www.dailycamera.com
Nate Fochtman — The Beer Ace www.thebeerace.com
Josie Finsand — Taplister www.taplister.com
Tom Wilmes — Boulder Daily Camera www.dailycamera.com
Ryan Murphy
— The Daily Pint www.dailypint.wordpress.com
Rick Andrews -  Ales from the Crypt http://alesfromthecrypt.blogspot.com
Stephanie Jerzy — Drinks for the House http://drinksforthehouse.blogspot.com
Will Blankenship — Colorado Beer & Food www.cobeerandfood.com
Erik Boles -Beer Tap TV www.beertaptv.com

Eli Shayotovich — Beer Tap TV www.beertaptv.com
Stephen Johnson — New Brew Thursday www.newbrewthursday.com
Patricia Shepherd
Dan Weitz - Boulder Beer www.boulderbeer.com
Sean McNeal - Wayward Productions
Chad Melis — Oskar Blues www.oskarblues.com
Travis Poling — Beer Across Texas http://beeracrosstexas.com

Mark Drudge — Pencil and Spoon http://pencilandspoon.blogspot.com/
Adrienne Rinaldi — BeerSnobChick www.beersnobchick.com
Meghan Storey — CraftBeer.com www.craftbeer.com
Zander Hartung — The Beer Ace www.thebeerace.com
Jeff Bull — He-Brew Men’s Brewing Society www.hebrewbrewing.com
Nancy Maddaloni — Great Brewers www.greatbrewers.com
Reggie Currie — Cheers for Beers www.cheersforbeers.com
Carol Dekkers — Microbrews USA www.microbrewsusa.wordpress.com
Jake Koeneman -  iBrewToo www.ibrewtoo.com
Carla Companion — The Beer Babe www.thebeerbabe.com
Lisa Mallen — Zephyr Adventures www.ZephyrAdventures.com
Wendy Littlefield — Belgian Experts www.belgianexpertsblog.com
Sanjay Reddy -  Not So Professional Beer Blog www.notsoprobeer.com

Julian Green -  MillerCoors www.millercoors.com
Jeff Bowles — Huck Fin’s Beer Buzz http://huckfinsbeerbuzz.com
Renée DeLuca — The Brewer’s Daughter www.brewersdaughter.com/
Dustin Romero — Widmer Brothers Brewing www.widmer.com
Candace Lacy - NC Beer Wench
Hagan Blount — Wandering Foodie http://wanderingfoodie.com
Erik Peterson -  Bull and Bush www.bullandbush.com
Jen Cadmus — Bull and Bush www.bullandbush.com
Mike Laur - Beer Drinkers Guide to Colorado www.beerdrinkersguidetocolorado.com
Danielle Quatrochi — New Planet Beer www.newplanetbeer.com


And then there is my ongoing Twitter list. I will do my best to update this list as much as possible. If you are registered and would like to have your name added to the list, leave a comment on this post and I will get you on it ASAP.

Twitter list to follow: TWITTER LIST


  • Allan Wright of Zephyr Adventure -> @zephyradventure
  • Ashley V Routson -> @TheBeerWench @beerbloggers
  • PJ Hoberman of “Starting A Brewery” & “The HopPress” -> @hookedonwinter
  • James Marks of “Columbus Beer Guys” -> @CbusBeerGuys
  • Gerard Walen of “Road Trips For Beer” -> @roadtrips4beer
  • Erik Boles of “BeerTapTV” -> @BeerTapTV @ErikBoles
  • Eli Shayotovich of “BeerTapTV” -> @BeerTapTV @EliShayotovich
  • Dale Miskimins of “Sodak Beer” -> @sodakbeer
  • Draft Magazine -> @draftmag
  • Kerry Finsand of “Taplister” -> @taplister & @kfinsand
  • Tamre Mullins of “Girls Pint Out” -> @girlspintout
  • Jennifer Litz of “Girls Pint Out” -> @girlspintout
  • Ryan Conklin of “Denver Bartender Examiner” & ” 52 Beers 52 Weeks” ->@DenverBartender
  • Billy Broas of “Billy Brew” -> @billybroas
  • Lucy Saunders of “Cooking With Beer” -> @lucybeercook
  • Carla Gesell-Streeter of “The Hoperatives” -> @hoperatives
  • Tom Streeter of “The Hoperatives” -> @hoperatives
  • David Moyer of “Beer Commissioner”
  • Chris Spradley of “Breweries, Bars and Beer Food” & “Los Angeles Beer Examiner” -> @beachbumchris
  • Larry McIntosh of “USA Beer Trends” -> @usabeertrends & @madhouselarry
  • Carlos Swinney of Mendocino Brewing Co. -> @MendoBrew
  • Alexis Fritzsche  of Ale Babe -> @alebabeIPA
  • Rick Hagerbaumer of Big Foamy Head -> @bigfoamyhead
  • Jennie Chen of “MisoHungry: Make it With Moonshine” -> @misohungry
  • Alison McGee of From This Pint On -> @FromThisPintOn
  • Andy Dunfee of Hippo Lane -> @adunfee
  • David Jensen of Beer 47 -> @beer47
  • John Knox of MisoHungry  -> @WindAddict
  • J.R. Woolsey  ->  @TravelingPint
  • Mark Jackson of Simply Beer -> @markomundo
  • Zach Rosen of Santa Barbara Craft Beer  -> @zenki40
  • Anne Fitten Glenn of Brewgasm -> @brewgasm
  • Libby & Dustin of Beer2Buds -> @beer2buds
  • Jenn Prosser of Jenn and Beer  -> @jennandbeer
  • Jonathan Shikes of Beer Man at Westword Mag -> @ColoBeerMan
  • Greg Koch of Stone Brewing -> @StoneGreg
  • Jacob McKean of Stone Brewing -> @StoneBrewingCo
  • Lauren Polinsky of Durham Craft Beer Examiner -> @laurenpolinsky
  • Cathy Clark of Brewtiful -> @cathywonderful
  • Jim Pavlik of Central State Asylum -> @csasylum
  • Jessica Daynor of Draft Magazine  -> @draftmag
  • Ryan Ross of Karl Strauss Brewing Company -> @Karl_Strauss
  • Jay Brooks of Brookston Beer Bulletin -> @brookston
  • Ian Cowpar of 2 Beer Guys -> @craftbeered
  • Sean Jansen of 2 Beer Guys -> @2beerguys
  • Chuck Noll of World Class Beverages Arizona -> @worldclassAZ
  • Jennifer Morrison Ales for All -> @alesforall
  • Willis F Jackson III of   Mashtun Technologies -> @wfjackson3
  • Mike Besser of BrewDad  -> @brewdad
  • Steven Ward of NovaBeerFly -> @novabeerfly
  • Doug Brumley of Fledgling Brewer -> @fledglingbrewer
  • Tiffany Adamowski of 99 Bottles Blog -> @99bottlesbeer
  • Jay Rascoe  of  Guns and Tacos -> @gunsandtacos
  • Kami Marquardt  of  Great Lakes Brewing -> @GLBC_Cleveland
  • Lauren Boveington of   Great Lakes Brewing -> @GLBC_Cleveland
  • Dionne  of  Cocktail Diva -> @Cocktail_Diva
  • Mariah Calagione of  Dogfish Head Craft Brewery -> @dogfishbeer
  • Sebbie Buhler  of  Rogue Ales -> @chocolatestout
  • Kyle Freeman  of Jenn and Beer -> @kylefree
  • Michael Bussmann of  New Belgium Brewing -> @carnie_NBB
  • Owen McCuen of  Ferment Nation -> @FermentNation
  • Ilya Feynberg of Damn That’s Good Beer! -> @ilyafeynberg
  • Greg Krsak of KSW Beer -> @gregkrsak
  • Jay Wilson of Brewvana -> @brewvana
  • Nate Fochtman of The Beer Ace ->  @TheBeerAce
  • Josie Finsand of Taplister -> @jedfinsand
  • Ryan Murphy of The Daily Pint -> @sp1365
  • Rick Andrews of Ales from the Crypt -> @alesfrmthecrypt
  • Stephanie Jerzy of  Drinks for the House -> @stephaniejerzy
  • Will Blankenship of Colorado Beer & Food -> @cobeer_food
  • Erik Boles of Beer Tap TV -> @erikboles @beertaptv
  • Eli Shayotovich of Beer Tap TV -> @elishayotovich @beertaptv
  • Stephen Johnson of New Brew Thursday -> @newbrewthursday @darthweef
  • Dan Weitz of Boulder Beer -> @boulderbeer
  • Sean McNeal of Wayward Productions -> @smmcneal
  • Chad Melis of Oskar Blues -> @oskarblues
  • Travis Poling of Beer Across Texas -> @beeracrosstx
  • Mark Drudge of Pencil and Spoon -> @markdredge
  • Adrienne Rinaldi of BeerSnobChick -> @beersnobchick
  • Meghan Storey of CraftBeer.com -> @mestorey
  • Jeff Bull of He-Brew Men’s Brewing Society -> @hebrewbrewing
  • Nancy Maddaloni of Great Brewers -> @hunterdonbrew
  • Reggie Currie Cheers for Beers ->@MrBikerBrew
  • Carol Dekkers Microbrews USA -> @caroldekkers
  • Jake Koeneman iBrewToo -> @ibrewtoo
  • Carla Companion The Beer Babe -> @beerbabe
  • Lisa Mallen Zephyr Adventures -> @LisaRMallen
  • Wendy Littlefield Belgian Experts -> @belgianexpert
  • Sanjay Reddy Not So Professional Beer Blog -> @NoSoProBeer
  • John Holl -> @John_Holl
  • Jeff Bowles of Huck Fin’s Beer Buzz -> @bowles_4
  • Renée DeLuca of The Brewer’s Daughter -> @BrewersDaughter
  • Candace Lacy of NC Beer Wench -> @NC_Beer_Wench
  • Hagan Blount of Wandering Foodie -> @h18
  • Erik Peterson of Bull and Bush -> @bandbmanbeer
  • Jen Cadmus of Bull and Bush -> @jencad
  • Mike Laur of Beer Drinkers Guide to Colorado -> @BDG2C
  • Danielle Quatrochi of New Planet Beer -> @newplanetbeer
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There are currently 26 Comments on UPDATED 2010 Beer Bloggers Conference Confirmed Attendee List. Perhaps you would like to add one of your own?

  1. Wheeeeeeeee!

  2. Wench…I registered a week ago on Friday, June 18, 2010

  3. I have a trade show I have to attend that weekend. I’m bummin’.

  4. hey Ash! Can you put Ladies of Craft Beer on there as well? @LadiesOCB

    Thanks! Can’t wait :)

  5. I’ll be there too! @misohungry

  6. Hey Ashley! Can you change my handle to @alebabeIPA? Thanks!

  7. Please add us to the list, we’ll be sending someone - registering tomorrow. Our site: http://www.beer2buds.com our twitter handle: @beer2buds Thanks much!

  8. As soon as I get paid on the 20th I’m signing up!!

  9. Yay! Love to be on the Twitter list: @Brewgasm.

  10. Would LOVE to be part of your list, and learn more about beer blogger events… Shoot, I am a beer! t: ChocolateStout b: roguechocolatestout.com

  11. Our twitter is actually @Karl_Strauss not @karlstrauss. The handle w/o the underscore is just some dude with a slick name.

  12. Thanks for the list. You can add @rcrocker to it. Also, the Beer, TX link is http://blogs.chron.com/beertx (it doesn’t work with www.) Cheers!

  13. Just signed up this morning!!!!

  14. Just wanted to make a correction please.

    Could you please change my Twitter name from @MendoncinoBrew

    to @MendoBrew ?
    Thanks and see ya’ll there!

  15. [...] blogging certainly is alive and well. Look at the number of attendees for the first Beer Bloggers Conference (first in the U.S., that is, since the initial international gathering will occur earlier in [...]

  16. Step 1: Registration confirmed.
    …now gotta get that plane, shuttle, and hotel booked.

    For the twitter list:

  17. Oh, and for the blogroll list:

  18. Wish I could join you all. Unemployment sucks. Raise a pint for all the absent bloggers!

  19. [...] was reading a comment on Drink With the Wench today from well-known beer blogger Jeff Alworth from Beervana who said “Wish I could join you [...]

  20. Wow… It is going to be one heck of a party!

  21. Looks like a great crew. Wish it was in the budget for this year

  22. Just signed up…

  23. [...] If you’ve already read through the LOCB website, you’ve run into The Beer Wench, aka Ashley Routson. (And if you haven’t, then get a move on and read, read, read, and comment, comment, comment!) Ashley will be the Chief Blogger and Tweeter from BBC10. [...]

  24. Getting really vamped up about this!

  25. I just signed up today-yeah!!!

  26. My twitter: @John_Holl

    See you guys there.

  27. If you wouldn’t mind changing my site I’ve updated it to beerbriefing.com


  28. When is the date for this event? We’d like to attend!


    Rifle & Fatcat

  29. I jumped on the conference last minute
    beerandscifi.com and

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