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Dogfish Head Brewpub PAR-TAY!

After taking a kick-ass tour and enjoying a tasting flight of beer at the Dogfish Head Craft Brewery in Milton - my friend and I made the trek down to the Dogfish Head Brewpub (called DFH Brewing & Eats) in Rehoboth Beach, DE.
Along the way we stopped off at an enormous liquor store (whose name [...]

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Dogfish Head Brewery Tour

Where did we last leave off?
Ah yes, now I remember …
Last week I made the bold decision to leave the state of Ohio - never to return again. (Well that is a BIG lie. Being an Ohio State alumni and a wickedly obsessed Buckeye football fan, it is guaranteed that I will return on multiple [...]

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Victory VIP Tour

Recently, I made the bold decision to completely uproot my life and embark on an entirely new adventure.

I quit my job without the prospect of another one.
I forfeited my lease with my old landlord (which unfortunately cost me a PRETTY penny).
I gave away everything I owned that would not fit into my super small Dodge [...]

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Theobroma Update!

For those of you who are unaware, The Beer Wench is currently in transition - moving from Columbus, OH to Orlando, FL. At this moment, I am sitting in a hotel room in Florence, SC.

The first two days of my travels were extremely exciting! I went on a VIP tour of Victory Brewing Company on [...]

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Pinkus Jubilate Organic Dark Lager

The press release below was recently forwarded to me by the Midest Regional Manager for Merchant du Vin. The product is now available in all MdV warehouses.
Merchant du Vin and Pinkus Brewery (Munster, Germany; est. 1816) are pleased to announce that a new Certified Organic dark lager will be available in the US soon: [...]

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The Holy Grail For Hopheads

Okay Kids. It is time to get serious.
REAL serious.
There comes a time in every hophead’s life where the hops cravings become insatiable. Regular IPAs start to taste like light lagers. Double IPAs, Imperial IPAs and Barleywines start to loose their “oomph.”
This insane phenomenon seems to occur about every 4 months throughout the year. This year [...]

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The History Of Oktoberfest

Boasting an attendance of more than six million people every year, Munich’s Oktoberfest is officially the world’s biggest party.

While several other cities across the world also hold Oktoberfest celebrations, modeled after the Munich event and held on similar dates, none rival the authenticity and grand scale of the original.
Unfortunately, the closest I have ever come [...]

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Autumn Is Approaching

Welcome to September!
Although the autumn equinox is still 22 days away, the essence of autumn is all around.

For many, the 1st of September starts the changing of the season.
College football is already in full swing. Many kids have started school or are just about ready to go back. The first apples of the season are [...]

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The 45 Million Year Old Beer

In the very near future, Fossil Fuels Brewing Company will be releasing the world’s oldest beer -EVER.
Fossil Fuels™ Wheat Beer is being marketed as “The 45 Million Year Old Beer.”
Obviously, man has not been on the earth for 45 millions years. And beer is man-made.
So this raises the question: How the heck can Fossil Fuels™ [...]

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