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Introducing: Vino 100 Polaris

I recently became “LinkedIn” with a lovely local wine entrepreneur named Liz Avera. She currently runs Vino 100 in Polaris. Liz and I have much in common. We have work experience in both marketing and wine as well as love to write. Her experience is more extensive than mine and I intend on absorbing much [...]

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NRA Chicago - Day Three

Although the two previous days in Chicago were spectacular, from the perspective of The Beer Wench - the third evening was “la piece de resistance.” (For those of you who did not grow up spewing out French sayings, I’ve attached the definition …)
pièce de ré·sis·tance n. pl. 1. An outstanding accomplishment: “The bison is [...]

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NRA Chicago - Day Two

As I’m sure you can imagine, we were quite exhausted after the first evening in Chicago. Luckily, I was able to sleep in a little before hitting the floor at the NRA show. The show was held at McCormick Place — which consists of approximately 2.7 million sq. ft. of exhibit halls.
The show was absolutely [...]

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NRA Chicago - Day One

Now, usually I only write about food when it has relevance to beer. However, I cannot resist writing about my experience at the National Restaurant Association Show this past weekend in Chicago. (Disclaimer: there will be much blogging about beer experiences as well. I had the honor of meeting and drinking with what I would [...]

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The Swear Jar

Now, normally I would not dare to promote a corporate giant
(regardless of the industry). Most people know that I’m an advocate for
the “little guys”.
I have a personal policy that prevents me from supporting
organizations that contribute to globalization. Some may view me as
pretentious, since I refuse to eat at certain fast-food chains and shop
at large discount [...]

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1st Woman Brewmaster Award

Thanks to a good friend and old rowing teammate, The Beer Wench was informed about Tonya Cornett, the first woman to ever win the Brewmaster Award at the World Beer Cup. Listen here to the NPR podcast of her interview!!!
The Bryant Park Project, May 14, 2008 · Tonya Cornett, top brewer at Bend Brewing [...]

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Lego Beer Song

This YouTube video is a little off the beaten path for The Beer Wench, yet I found it to be humorous — and after all, it is beer related. Enjoy!

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Morlein Expanding to Columbus

In the 19th century, Cincinnati was one of the nation’s biggest producers and consumers of beer. In 1840, there were eight breweries in town. Within 20 years there were 36 breweries all along the canal in the West End and Over-the-Rhine.
Times have since changed. Cincinnati has seemed to fall off the beer map, being replaced [...]

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Fermenting Revolution

The Beer Wench has made a rather exciting beer discovery.
I would like you to meet Chris O’Brian, author of the Beer Activist blog and book entitled “Fermenting Revolution: How To Drink Beer And Save The World.”

About the author:
Professionally, O’Brien [...]

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Cookout With The Wench

You are all invited to a Backyard BBQ themed “Drink With The Wench”!!!

(There will be an official “fancy” craft beer tasting during the earlier portion of the evening.)

WHAT: Beer, Burgers, Brats & BBQ With The Wench

WHO: The Wench & EVERYONE who A. loves beer B. likes beer C. hates beer but wants to come out

WHERE: [...]

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